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Your Chevrolet Impala Deserves Quality Auto Parts

Not many car models in the world will go down in the history books for being “Iconic”. As far as the Chevy Impala is concerned, it will without a doubt make it to the list of “Top 10 Iconic Cars Ever” if such a list were to exist. Even if you don’t know anything about this full-size sedan, unknowingly, you would definitely have come across this car either on the streets or in the movies for it is one of the top-selling cars ever in America. junkyards near me

Impala holds quite a few records in the US automobile history and some of them still remain unmatched. Chevrolet sold more than 2 million units of Impala in 2 years (1964 and 1965) while the sales till 1995 were in excess of 13 million. Impala still remain one of the best-selling Chevy cars ever and no other car even came close to beating these colossal sales figures.

What Chevrolet managed to do with Impala was “bring a luxurious full-size sedan within reach of the common American”. That was the USP of this special vehicle. Not only did it find quick acceptance, it managed to sustain itself in a constantly evolving car market because it appealed to the masses rather than the classes.

Impalas were always resilient yet comfortable, powerful yet economical and stylish yet simple. These vehicles are known to be spacious and symbolize a car for the big American families.

The Chevy Impala of today has come a long way since 1958 when it first graced the roads. The 2010 Impala is nothing similar to any of its predecessors in terms of shape and styling but it manages to bring about the same class and tradition that the ones before it were known to have. The engine is advanced and powerful, the features are completely modern and the luxuries are typical of the America today but the spirit still remains the same. The iconic impala is still a pleasure to own.

Chevrolet under the GM group today has diversified and extended its reach to the global market. The modern car models are distributed worldwide and the service networks are better than ever. There however is a major area of concern and that is availability of auto parts for older Chevy models and in particular the Impala. This however, is not a problem confined to Chevrolet. Most auto manufacturers across the globe can hardly afford to maintain a ready stock of auto parts for older models. That results in problems for owners of such vehicles as replacement parts are not available.

The successful history of Impala means that even the older models are still in use. An aged vehicle, no matter how resilient, will face part failures and would require replacement parts. The non-availability of parts can be a real spirit dampener. Instead of resorting to aftermarket and re-built parts in absence of brand new OEM parts, it is always advisable to go for used auto parts.

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