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Know How to Choose The Best Dog Play Pen Online

There are lots of pet pens available to buy online, indoor, outdoor, plastic and metal ones. There are different sizes to suit all sizes of dogs. There are a few things an owner should take into consideration when buying a dog play pen online: curious incident play

A dog owner should choose where they want to put it and whether they will want to move it often. If its to go outside then a metal one would be best. But if its to be taken on travels then a collapsible soft sided one would be recommended.

The size of the dog should be taken into consideration also. For a big canine it should be at least 4 feet in diameter, so that the dog has enough room to be comfortable. If the enclosure is for a puppy, the owner needs to remember that the puppy will grow to a bigger size. How many dogs will use it at the same time will make a difference to the size of play pen needed.

Whether looking for a plastic or metal one, it is essential that it is strong enough. It should not be easily knocked over, and if that is the case then it is not a good choice for the canine. A cover for the top should be provided if the canine has a habit of jumping or climbing out.

Portable ones are great for travelling. They are idea for puppies and small dogs and provide comfort and a safe home for them. Most fold flat for convenient storage and come with a removable cushion for the base which is water resistant.

Metal ones are normally inexpensive and are widely available. They are easy to assemble and do not need any tools to put together. Drop pin pens are joined together with removable steel pins, these are good if the addition of extra panels is required. Folding dog play pens unfold to use and fold to store when not in use.

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